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One family, orphaned and alone, must fight to protect each other and must lie, steal and cheat to stay alive. Imogene Farrell is the dreamer. She yearns for something better all the while knowing her destiny lies in the streets; that someday she will be a whore because it is what she must do to stay alive. She dresses as a boy but has blossomed into a woman, which has drawn the attention of two formidable enemies—the abbess Tiny Etherton and the henchman who runs the area around the Twenty Acres dock, the Scot, MacGregor.

The Farrells delay the inevitable by concocting their own schemes to make money off her particular skills. But it is a gentleman of the ton has been lured into Imogene’s world and for whom she pines, knowing her attachment is impossible and heartbreaking. Jack Davenport finds the boyish hoyden a bit of fun. But what can come of it when he only wants to relieve Imogene of her virginity without encouraging her affection?

Imogene Farrell #1
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