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Imogene Farrell and her brother Charlie have found safety at last, sheltering with and old family friend, Mrs. FitzPatrick. Frank and Danny haven’t been so lucky. Frank is convicted of murder and is waiting hanging at Newgate. Danny has been wounded.

Imogene’s visit to Frank ends when Tiny Etherton successfully kidnaps Imogene, forcing her to become a whore at Jade House. Her rescuer? Jack Davenport. He whisks her to safety and negotiates with Imogene for what he’s always wanted—and what Imogene has always wanted to give. She may be giving all to Jack but he has become the savior for the Farrell brothers. She dreams of life with the man she loves but each day their separation draws nearer and Jack is one day closer to marrying the duplicitous Catherine. After an encounter with Shiffington, on the day of Jack’s wedding, Imogene is forced to leave London to start a new life. She finds satisfaction and safety in Paris where she can raise her child without answering the question of her child’s paternity.

Imogene Farrell #2
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