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The Frenchman's Widow


Imogene Farrell has returned home at last, ready to start a new life after her beloved Pierre died. The aged merchant was a kind husband but it is her memories of Jack and her love for him which burn in her heart. She also longs to reunite with her brothers. Danny is working on an estate in Deal. Her brother, Charlie, is graduating from King’s College seminary while she is determined to build a life in Brighton with her new charges including an orphan family she’s taken in.

Jack is still married to the duplicitous Catherine so Imogene pretends indifference even though she is devastated seeing him again. The old fire still lingers. It would be too easy to rekindle an illicit romance with him but she wants more and is not willing to become his mistress a second time. But what is she willing to do when a tragedy befalls Jack’s family? And how will she protect her secret? Lily’s paternity is still a mystery. And an old enemy has returned to threaten Imogene once again.

Imogene Farrell #3
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