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Performing the curatorial : within and beyond art

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Includes material related to seminars and a symposium held at the University of Gothenburg in 2010 and 2011.

The curatorial includes the post production artistic practices that bring together within a particular time and space related framework disparate images, objects, as well as other material and immaterial phenomena. In its performative aspects that seek to challenge the status quo, the curatorial also includes elements of choreography, orchestration and administrative logistics. Edited by director and writer Maria Lind, this book brings together a diverse group of curators, artists, art historians, educators and thinkers, all of whom reflect on the curatorial motives, tendencies and tactics, pitfalls and exegeses in translating and thus performing cultural heritage. Contributors include Doug Ashford, Beatrice von Bismarck and Eungie Joo.
Sternberg Press
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